Saturday, August 16, 2008

20 year reunion.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was my 20 year class reunion for Kentridge High school. There seemed to be a very large turn out. We all got stickers with the picture from our senior year annual, so I was wearing a picture of me with tons of hair and no glasses...and everyone said I looked just the same??? I also thought everyone looked about the same, so maybe I do. I hitched a ride to the reunion with Michelle, Matt and Laurie which was great. Maren stayed home with our kids, as did most of the spouses of those attending. The reunion was fun and it was good to see lots of folks, I knew many folks from back in elementary school and jr. high school. We just hung out and talked, had a good buffet, and hung out more. The time flew pretty quick and it was midnight before I realized it. I don't need to do a reunion like this every year, but it was fun and I am glad I attended.

Last night was also Preston's last night of Jr. Golf camp. He said it went very well and the 98 degree weather did not slow him or his group down any. I know that when I got home from the reunion at like 1:00am, the house was still 83 degrees. Maren and the kids must have been baking last evening.

Early in the day we went to a few garage sales...walking distance from our house. One sale we ended up at was an estate sale run by folks who were not related to the family who lived in the house. It was different than any sale I had gone to where anyone could go anywhere in the house and make offers on anything...including the house. Not much in that house was newer than like 30 years old. From our garage sale day, we ended up with a nice ice-cream maker, a few good books, and some toys.

Today should be another hot day!

See you tomorrow.


Mom said...

I'm glad you had a good time at your reunion. Sometimes I wish we didn't move to Seattle because if we'd stayed in Florida, the whole family might still be in Florida, and though I love it here and I'm happy to be home, it did create a distance... but then I think, well, you grew up in a nice area with good schools and friends and met a great wife and had great kids, so I guess it's not so bad.

The garage sale with everything 30 years old reminded me of an open house I did where the house was built in 1972 and everything in it was from 1972. The owner was a lady in her nineties who had just been taken to a nursing home. It was like stepping into a time machine except everything was worn out.

98 degrees! Global warming!

Shannon said...

Um, how come you didn't include that Senior Annual picture in this blog entry? I think you should scan it (or take a picture of the picture) and post it! I want to see you with lots of hair and no glasses!

Also, now that I know you have an ice cream maker, expect me to invite myself over ASAP. :)