Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WW for rides, Maren is home.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a full day. Preston stayed at Alec's house the night before so we did not have him with us for the first part of the day. I took the littles back to Wild Waves so we could do rides. As it turned out, Hansen is a couple of inches too tall for all the kid rides, and Lillie and Hansen are too scared for all the big rides, so we did not do too much riding. Lillie found a little girl her age and went on a few rides with her, and Hansen went on a small roller coaster by himself while we watched him. Hansen's favorite ride was bumper cars, he could drive himself and I could have Lillie in my car. Hansen other favorite was the slide on the bag slide. He is an expert. I got Lillie down it once, but she was scared. Lillie could spend the entire day at the carousel, she would just switch from horse to horse (as if they each have a different personality) and keep riding all day. I can only handle like two turns on the carousel at a time, so it may take her the whole summer to try each horse out. The sun was finally out when we were getting ready to leave so they got to go in the water for forty five minutes before we had to take off.

After Wild Waves, we called Preston home and got ready to pick Maren up from the airport. We got to the airport early enough to park the car and wait at the exit spot for her terminal. Hansen and Lillie had a great time at the airport waiting for Mar (Preston's sense of adventure is nil if forced to be with his family) and it was funny because Maren did not expect us to be waiting in the airport and was walking right by us when the littles jumped her. We also got to say hi to a couple of Maren's Librarian friends. Maren had a bunch of goodies for the kids and we grabbed some Pizza on the drive home for a tasty dinner...not to mention left overs for tonight's dinner.

The deal of the day was that we had a neighbor who is a mechanic at a local car dealership replaced the timing belt and the accessory belts on Maren's car last night for a good deal. Saved us the whole hassle of making an appointment, getting and leaving the car at the dealership, and a little money as well. The belts were due to be replaced awhile ago, it was good they were replaced now, now her car will just keep on going.

Today Maren is off to work and John is coming out to hang with Lillie and Hansen while I take Preston and his buddy Christian golfing. This is going to be the first time Preston goes out golfing with a friend. We will see how he does. If Preston and Christian seem like a good golfing duo, they will be able to just be dropped off at the course for golfing by themselves in the future.

See you tomorrow.

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