Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wild Waves, Guitar Hero

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

It is finally back to nice a cool around here. It is 75 degrees in the house and overcast outside. It is slated to get up in the low 80's with sun, just about perfect.

Yesterday I took the kids to Wild Waves for a few hours. We met up with a friend of Hansens and the two of them had lots of fun. Lillie and Preston also enjoyed themselves. We spent the bulk of our time at the wave pool and the Pirate's head water slide area for littler kids. Preston did not go on any big water slides as he did not want to go by himself. Some day when he meets a friend he can check them out. I took Lillie over to the ride side of the park for a couple of rides and she wanted to go on more and more rides. Lillie may grow up to be a ride fan like her mom. Maren is on her way home from California today, but last night she was able go get a free pass into Disney Land and spent the evening going from one very scary ride to the next. She said she went on California Screaming two times, most of the other scary rides only once. The said the freakiest ride was Tower of Terror. It is good she got to do the rides, because there is no one in this family who would go on those rides with her. Me and the boys are freaked out by such rides. Anyhow, about 3 hours at the water park was perfect. We bought the kids summer passes so just going for a few hours works great. There is enough to do to spend the day, but none of us really needs to spend that much time there at any one time. In the future I will pack a lunch in the cooler in the car, we can do the water park for a couple of hours, go eat, re-enter for a few rides, and head home...that will be about a 5 hour day. Food and candy are way over priced, there are plenty of folks lunching at the car.

Last night Preston spent the night at his friend Alec's house. Alec and Preston get along great, both have annoying little siblings, and can goof off with the best of them. This is a you tube video they made of Preston beating Guitar Hero on the hardest song on the hardest level while being totally pestered by Alec's little brother. It is a totally ridiculous thing to watch (and hear), and if you have a spare 8 minutes that you really don't need back in your life, watch it, there are a few shots of Preston during and at the end, most of the video is the game and stuff:

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I could watch that all day long - that is crazy finger action!!!

I don't like scary rides either. Maybe that's hereditary.

stefanie.germann said...

Awesome video...he's amazing :)

Next time you guys go to Wild Waves, we're totally taking the day off and inviting ourselves along! I haven't been there in years.