Monday, July 07, 2008

Wall paper, allowance.

Good morning, it is Monday.

The weekend is over, but the nice weather is on its way back. Yesterday I finally finished removing all the wall paper from our bedroom and I will probably primer the walls today. Then in a few days paint the walls in the color of choice, I think we have decided on new white ceilings, and an orange/brown color called Cumin for the main room, and probably a fresh white coat for the bathroom and closet. After all the paint, then it will be onto the flooring. The laminate flooring is just waiting in boxes in the garage. Maybe this project will actually be finished by the end of summer, but then again, maybe not.

This weekend was also allowance weekend for the kids. Preston was saving his money for a trip to Wild Waves with a group of friends today, so he was not interested in going shopping. Hansen has been begging to go to Target as they have a beginners guitar, a great selection of Legos, and a good stock of Nintendo games. Lillie was over at Ali's eating lunch when I took Hansen to Target. On the drive to Target I got a call from home, figuring it was Maren asking me to pick something up, I answered the phone (just now I realized I was illegally talking on the cell phone while driving, as of last week that illegal to do unless you have a "hand's free device") and instead of Maren on the other end, it was Lillie crying her brains out that she wanted to come shopping and I should have come and gotten her even though she was eating lunch at a friends house. The only way to calm her down was to promise her I would take her out to spend her allowance later, it seemed to work. At Target Hansen spent like an hour deciding what to spend his money on. He carried around the Star Wars guys for a while, then the Lego set for awhile, then finally he settled on using some extra money from next allowance and buying the Lego Indiana Jones Nintendo game for the Game Boy. It was a good decision and he has played the game quite a bit already. Back to Lillie, I did come home then take her out to Walmart to spend her allowance. Her trip was similar to Hansen's trip, only after putting back a Barbie Movie and some Polly Pockets toys, she ended up buying herself a pair of Hannah Montana Shoes and a cute little shirt. Yup, spending her money on clothes, not toys...not a choice me or the boys have ever made in our lives, must be a girl thing. She wore the shoes and the shirt all weekend long and thinks they are the best shoes ever. These two hour long trip to the stores is why 1) we only do allowance once per month, and 2) I have the patience to let them shop for an hour.

Today Preston is off to Wild Waves with a group of friends, Lillie has the first day of her week long Princess Dance Camp, and Hansen has the day off from any commitments.

See you tomorrow.

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