Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Camps.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Lillie has been enjoying her Princess Dance Camp. Today is the last day of camp and the group is going to be holding a little performance toward the end of class today. Should be fun.

Yesterday was the first day of Golf Camp at Jade Greens. None of my kids were there, but I did teach plenty of kids golf yesterday. We probably have about 55 kids at camp. The first part of the camp I taught boys ages 12 and up, toward the end of camp I taught the girls. Both of my groups were actually interested in learning golf! The only group I don't always enjoy are the 9 and under boys...they can be a dangerous group of kids who run fast and swing hard without much thought. Boys that age think golf clubs are better swords, running full speed is the only way to travel, and looking for frogs beats golf any day. Since I did not have them yesterday, I will have them today! Many of the kids I recognize from the last couple of years, and/or from the kid's school. Next year I may let Lillie come to golf camp, she will be on the young side, but there are some young girls who are doing just fine. Hansen loves to hit range balls and play and practice golf, he just thinks golf camp is a bore (maybe because I don't let him use his golf club as a sword, don't let him run at the course, and only let him hunt for frogs after he is done practicing if I still want to practice some more). Preston would have come to camp and is a little disappointed not to be there, but his soccer team comes first this year. They have their first tournament this weekend...I may try to get out of golf camp on Friday so I can see his first two games. Not like he has not got in some golfing this year. He just wishes we lived on a course so he could just walk over and play every day.

I am just about finished with the painting of our room. The color is looking very nice. Cumin is a dark, rich Orange. It looks very nice with the new ceiling paint. I need to go around the edges again this morning, then on to the floor. One more week and it may all be done. Maren has been picking up some extra chores around home, but it is nice to get these projects going and done.

See you tomorrow.

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