Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soccer tournament, river

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday and today are being ruled by Preston's soccer tournament. He has to be at his games about an hour early, then the games are about an hour in length. Yesterday in the first game, the team got a sound beating, a 7-0 loss. The second game was against another tough team, but they held in there. Preston scored the team's only goal and they pulled off a 1-1 tie. Believe me, this tie felt like a win! I think the games today should have good results as the bracket is not exactly even all the way through. Preston is one of his team's co-captains for this tournament, and yesterday he was voted the MVP thanks to his goal. He was a pretty happy kid in the evening. The early part of the day, kind of grumpy.

Near the soccer fields (a few miles away) are parks on the river and the Auburn Golf Course. The games are at the Auburn Pea Patch for those of you who have played soccer in this are over the last say 30 years. It does not look any different than it did when I was a kid. The picture below is of Lillie and Hansen in the river before the early game, there is also a park behind me that the kids played at. The rivers are still high around here, and the kids could only go into the water up to their knees. About 20 yard further in, the river is moving very quickly and folks getting caught up in the river currents are just not getting is of up most importance in the rivers these days. Even this little beach alcove on a middle of the day at 80 degrees was practically empty. We may check it out today, it may be much busier since it is a Saturday.

I will get a picture or two of soccer stuff for tomorrow's post.
See you tomorrow.

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