Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soccer tournament, day 2 - video.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Soccer tournament day number two is over. Preston's team had two games again. They got beat soundly the first game, then won the second game quite convincingly. Preston got a goal the second game as well. Winning the last game was a nice way to end the tournament. Next weekend the team has another tournament. Below is a short video of Preston on the soccer field. In this clip Preston is wearing all blue, he is the tallish kid with a #7 on his back. I did not get his goal on video, but this is proof that he does play soccer.

Before the second game, Preston had to be there an hour prior to all the games!?! That was my main beef this tournament. The team had to be there one hour early for a 50 minute game, four different times! The two teams that beat us soundly got to the games 30 minutes prior, goofed off, warmed up just a little, then beat the tar out of our boys. The whole hour thing may make sense for college kids and adults, but 6th graders?...anyhow, before the second game I took Maren, Hansen, and Lillie to the park/ river we went to the day before. It was a mad house. There must have been 500 people there. Different groups, mainly Latino, had BBQs and volleyball games and kids on bikes and kids in the river and people everywhere! It was very cool to see the park so well used, and we had fun for 45 minutes before going back to the soccer game. What a difference a day makes, the day before there were like 20 people at the whole park.

I have been working on the flooring of our room now that it is all painted. Today the book cases will go back on the new floor as we clear out more room to install more flooring. Since we just cant reasonably clear out the whole room for a couple of days and do the floor and paint, we have been just moving stuff around to give the room necessary.

See you tomorrow.

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