Saturday, July 19, 2008

Soccer, flip flops, Hulk.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Preston's team won their first game of this weekend's tournament. The team won 5-0, and Preston scored a goal. They have another game today at 11:00. If they win today's game, or loose by less than another team, then they play in the semi finals Sun morning, with the finals Sunday at Noon.

While Hansen was at VBS and Preston was at soccer, Lillie and I went out and purchased her new flip flops. Actually what happened was that on the way home from dropping Preston and Connor off for the soccer game, we stopped by the Joe's Tent sale to look around. There were plenty of shoes but they were too expensive to buy for Lillie. I agreed to take her to Payless where she found a pair of glittery gold flip flops for $4.00. During the day she must have gone through 15 different outfits that all went well with the flip flops. First she was cold so it was jeans and a long sleeve shirt with gold accents to match the flip flops. Then it was a tan skirt and a fancy brown shirt. Then it was...I don't know, I don't know...something else. Her hair is up, her hair is down. You name it, she just appears with a new outfit standing in some pose and I am supposed to know that she changed this or that and why.

Hansen finished up VBS yesterday. Hansen had his buddy Kole spend the night last night. This overnight has been planned for a week. The kids are not too bad, but I don't really enjoy the whole having friends over thing. We watched a few episodes from the original series of the Incredible Hulk. The original Hulk cracks me up. In one episode we watched they (Hulk and two others) came across a bear in a swamp. I don't know how many brown bears really live in swamps, but the funny part was when the Hulk picked up and threw the bear, it looked amazingly like a big stuffed animal just being hurled through the air. The special effects from shows of yesterday are just not what we are used to seeing these days. It is fun to watch these old shows, I figure we will get through a few more episodes over the next few days.

I don't know if we will work on the closet today or just hang out and stuff. We will see where the day takes us.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We love hearing about all of the news of the kids daily activities, yours and Maren's also. The newest pictures we just received are so gorgeous - Preston looks like a teen-ager, and how handsome.Hansen and Lillie - what can I say, such a beautiful family. Thanks for all the pictures and info each day - we really enjoy reading about everything.
Bernice & Grandpa