Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was golf tournament day for me, Corey, Trevor, and Steve B. We have played as a team in local Pro-Ams over the last year, we will play in about 5 events per year. Usually one of us will do well, but rarely do we all pull together and play well at the same time. Yesterday it happened. All four of us played pretty good...well, we all had our moments and shots we would like back, but for the most part our team did quite well. While we did not win the whole thing, all of our names are on the results sheet, which is really quite amazing considering that 1) I am the pro, and don't play as quite as competitively as many of the pros in these events, and 2) we choose our team based on who we enjoy golfing with, rather than who has the best handicap and stuff like many teams do...not that we don't have a good team and expect to do well every time we tee it up, but we also try to have fun out there as well. Here is a link to the results page:


Carol came out very early and hung out with the kids on a nice day and sounds like everyone had a good day.

Today is back to working on the flooring in the upstairs.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

I want to see a work in progress picture of your room...

stefanie.germann said...

Congrats on the golf tourney!! Corey was pretty excited when he got home last night. Glad you guys had a good time and won some $$ while you were at it.

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks Stef, I would have won a ton more skins if Corey did not keep halving my good holes, or maybe he would have won a ton if not for me...either way works.

Mel, I hate to say it but there will be no photos of the chaos that is our room, but you are welcome to come over and see it with your own eyes.