Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ocean Shores

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

We had a very nice vacation at Ocean Shores. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express right on the beach. We chose this hotel because it was cheaper and had a pool. It turned out to be very nice. The pool and hot tub area were quite nice and the room was a nice size. We made it to the ocean and the pool each day. Preston and I went golfing on Monday. We only played 9 holes as the wind was blowing crazy hard (it was like the British Open where the ball was moving on the green when trying to putt), and 9 holes was enough. Preston is getting better every time he golfs. The big fights of the trip were about who would sleep with Nana. Hansen won the first night and Lillie won the second night. We ate pizza at Dugans as always. Shopped at little shops, Hansen and Lillie got little pewter statues, Hansen a dragon, Lillie a swan with a princess fairy. The hotel had a nice breakfast every morning. I enjoyed the biscuits and gravy. It was so cold on the beach that we decided to drive on the beach in the evening rather than walk on the beach. I did some swerving and made a couple of doughnuts in the sand with the mini van. Preston and Lillie would chant: doughnut...doughnut...doughnut. Hansen would scream No, No, No. Carol must think our family is even nuttier than she did before. The van does not make the best doughnuts in the sand, but it was fun anyhow.

Preston and Lillie building sand castles. These ones were build so the tide would come in and fill the moats and stuff. It actually worked for a moment before the water washes them away.
Lillie starting a sand castle. It was SO cold out on the beach. Probably like 50 degrees and huge wind. Lillie and Preston were acting like it was 80 degrees and sunny. Don't ask me how.
Maren checking out the tide pools. Hansen spent his time checking out tide pools and searching for sand dollars and such as well.
You can almost read my name in the sand....I made it with my feet, it was huge...probably could see it from space! Or not.
Hansen in the pool. The kids loved the indoor pool. It was a fun place with no wind.

We got home early enough in the day yesterday that I was able to finish the closet and all the wood flooring. No more wood flooring-Yay! I only have to do the master bathroom and I will be done with the whole project. We have not decided what kind of flooring we will put in, I may check out the new Home Depot later this week and figure it out.

See you tomorrow.

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Shannon said...

Oh, my gosh! You finsihed the flooring?!?! Congratulations!