Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More floor.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a fine day around here. Hansen went to VBS with Kole in the morning. In the afternoon I let the kids have friends over in the hopes to get some work done on the flooring in our room. Lillie had Lily over for a few hours and they had tons of fun from bike riding (yes, Lillie is now an expert bicycle rider after just learning a few days ago), riding scooters, playing Polly Pockets, doing artwork, and playing Nintendo. Hansen had Kole over and Preston had Connor over. I did get as much work done as possible. We have now shifted everything in the room up to the front wall, the bed is on its side and everything is crammed on the new floor so I can now finish the other side of the room. The actual room should be done by the end of today, the closet and the bathroom will be separate projects. The pictures above are taken with my phone and are of Hansen building stuff with scraps from the flooring, I think one is a weapon and the other is a golf club.

Today Hansen has VBS, and Preston has soccer.
See you tomorrow.

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