Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th plans, kids play dates.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

The Forth of July is finally here. The nice weather may have gone away, but we will proceed with our plans as normal. Every year for the last 10 years we have been doing the same thing. We will go to the Parade in Burien, then come home and BBQ, then light off a ton of Fireworks. Maren always makes a dish called Triple Chocolate Mess which is a cake that is baked over the day in the crock pot, for the past week Hansen has been reminding Maren of this dish. This year Stef and Corey and John and Carol will also be joining us. (Mel and Court and the twins are getting on an airplane to Montana this morning...the twins on a plane, that could be a Samuel L. Jackson movie.) Who knows what neighbors will be home and join in as well. Many of the families have different plans and we sometimes have the culde-sac to ourselves or sometimes there are several other groups doing fireworks. Usually a block over on three different sides from us there are huge firework displays that we enjoy. Word on the street says that Corey is driving to the reservations to buy some really cool fireworks that will make our lot look like child's play.

Yesterday Hansen got to have a play date at the school with one of his best buddies from school, Anessa. They rode their bikes around, hit the swings, and built sand castles on the sand field. Anessa and Hansen have been best buddies since Kindergarten and they get along splendidly. There were a ton of pros for Hansen coming back to Cedar Valley with Lillie this school year, and only a few cons...his friendship with Anessa was a big con for Hansen, but they have stayed in touch and will go to the same Jr. High and High Schools in a few years. Lillie got to go over to Lily's house and Preston tagged along to play with her brothers. Maren took the day off of her real job, only to work her fingers to the bone cleaning our house. I did not really think it was too messy, but it sure looks better today. I guess that tells you how [not] good a house cleaner I am while she is gone on work trips.

Enjoy the 4th, see you tomorrow.

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