Thursday, July 03, 2008

Golfing with Preston.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night, all night, and even right now, we are experiencing crazy thunder and lightning storms. The news folk say it is because Oklahoma just got the Seattle Sonics, so we got their weather. We loose on that deal.

Yesterday I took of from golfing with my regular Wednesday group to take Preston and his friend Christian golfing at Jade Greens. Preston was a little nervous because Christian golfs a ton more and is a couple of years older. As it turned out, Preston actually shot 10 strokes better than his struggling friend and had several very good shots over the nine holes. I shot a 34, Preston shot a 57, and Christian posted a 67. The boys had a few lost golf balls each that really elevated their scores, along with some flubbed chips and putts, but I insisted they keep score properly so they can actually see their improvement over time. Preston nearly got a hole in one on the 135 yard 7th hole and beat me on the hole. I had a fun time with the boys who did not complain much about carrying their clubs in the 80 degree weather. I am not sure I will be abandoning my regular group for these rookies just yet, but maybe someday. Below is a short video of Preston and my golf swings recorded yesterday.

Today Hansen has plans to play with his friend Anessa this afternoon. We will also buy our fireworks later today and just hang out...Maren took the day off and has a 4 day weekend. I think her plans for us include a ton of house cleaning. Yuk!

See you tomorrow.

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