Saturday, July 05, 2008

A fun 4th.

Hansen and Lillie showing off our box of fireworks.
Stef, Lillie, Maren, John and Carol huddle up for fireworks in the rain.
Preston and Corey light fireworks.
Preston and his friend Alec at the parade.
Lillie dressed in Red, White and Blue for the parade.
Hansen at the parade.
Stef and Corey at the parade.
Maren and Julian at the parade.

Good morning, it is Saturday.
Phew, what a 4th of July! Everything was about as planned, with extras. The Burien parade was very good this year. We had seats next to a construction area (they are remodeling downtown Burien, it will be very cool) and the kid's only competition (on our side of the road) for candy was each other. They fought just fine together, so it worked out just right. After a very nice parade, we came home and had BBQ burgers, corn on the cob, chips, fruit and anything else you could want. After dinner we started lighting the little stuff, smoke bombs and snakes. After a while it was time for Triple Chocolate Mess and Ice-cream. We moved all the chairs out front, got all ready to light the bigger stuff, and it started to rain! The rain only lasted 10 minutes, and was a good thing because everything got wet and fire chances went way down. After we were doing our thing for a bit, the neighbors got home and started lighting bigger stuff. Then a few minutes later a couple of minivans filled with a bunch of teenagers drove up and took out box after box of huge fireworks, Maren though these vans looked like clown cars as people and boxes of fireworks just poured out of them. These teens were our neighbor's church friends who live in Auburn, but fireworks such as the ones they had are illegal in Auburn, so they came to our neighbor's house to blow up the world. It was amazing, in no time flat we went from just our gang of 9 plus a neighbor gang of 3 to a mob of about 30 with kids running everywhere. They blew off tons of stuff, had a couple of mistakes where big stuff blew up at their ankles and stuff, but when it was about 11:30 pm, they all cleaned up the neighbor's area, and were gone as quickly as they arrived. The neighborhoods behind us and and a couple over to the sides were doing their usual huge fireworks well past midnight. Lillie finally got to sleep around 11:30 amids the crashing noises all around, the boys were out with friends until about midnight.

Today I don't think we have any set plans just yet.

See you tomorrow.

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