Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fairwood Pro-Am.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I did not post yesterday because I woke up early for a Pro-Am at Fairwood CC. I did not find my swing until the last several holes and struggled mightily most of the day (could be due to all the flooring I have been doing, and golfing I have not been doing?). Corey and Steve played quite well while me and Trevor were horrible. I enjoy playing Fairwood as much if not more than any course anywhere, but I guess the record would show that I don't play the course very well in all honesty. The most fun moment for me was on the par 3 hole number 16. Playing about 175 yards I hit a cut 5-iron to a right pin and scooted my ball past the hole, it then turned back with the slope and missed the hole by less than an inch to end up about 15 inches below the hole. Steve then stepped up and hit a high hooking 6-iron that caught the right fringe, slowed, took the slope and ended up about 8 inches just above the hole. The slope in that part of the green is so steep that my ball had to be just trickling straight down over the edge of the hole, and how Steve's ball even stopped short of the hole is a mystery. I really can't believe that one of those shots, or both of them for that matter, did not go in for a hole-in-one. It has been over 20 years since I have had a hole-in-one!!!

The weather is supposed to be crummy today, and it is starting off rather overcast and cold, but it does not really look like the rain that was predicted. I don't know just what we will do today. Last night Preston spent the night at Connor's house so we will not see him for awhile.

See you tomorrow.

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