Friday, July 18, 2008


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday ended up being a busy feeling day. After Hansen got back from VBS, I took the kids out to run a couple of errands. First stop was the golf course, I let the kids hit some range balls while I picked up my pay for last weeks jr. camp. I also got a cool new t-shirt! There was a nice Kentridge Basketball (new) t-shirt that was an extra from when the basketball camp was out at the course or something. I guess I was the first person to see the t-shirt and say, "hey, I went to Kentridge...20 years ago!" I got the keep the shirt. Most the other folks at the course were Kentwood kids or are Kentlake kids. Good for me!

After the golf course it was to the gleaners (no new stuff to pick up), then to the Library. At the Library Lillie looked at books and videos. She checked out a 12 days of Kindergarten book and two videos. The boys hung out at the two vending machines the whole time! Preston found a nickle, but really now, can you believe it. They just dreamed about the candy they would buy for like 15 minutes without ever looking at a single book or anything. Those are a couple of kids who must have their mom bring them home books from the library all the time! After the Library it was a quick (not actually quick or fact it was horrible with kids begging, knocking over stuff from the shelves, more begging, and just horrid behavior) trip to Fred Meyer to pick up a few things. When the security alarm started blaring as we were leaving the store, the clerk just waved us in don't come back in the store please, if you stole something, keep it, just keep walking out of the store! Actually the alarm was going off, but it was because the clerk was too lame to desensitize the security strip on the bicycle helmet we purchased for Hansen.

One last thing, here is a sure way to get Lillie to scream while in the car. When a song you like comes on the radio, dance you hands over your head while driving...Lillie will see you hands not on the steering wheel and scream stuff like "AAAAHHHHH you are supposed to be DDDRRRIIIVVVIIINNNGGG!!!!, YYYOOOUUURRRR HHHAAANNNDDDSSS!!!!!". This can be quite fun as well, especially when Preston chimes in, "hey Lillie, look at Dad's hands, there not on the steering wheel...oohh nnoo were going to crash!!!". Then she just shrieks. Fun times.

Today is the last day of VBS, and the first day of another soccer tournament.

See you tomorrow.


Miss Susan said...

Mean Julian! Teasing our beautiful Lillie like that. Tell her Miss Susan says she's right. Dads should always keep their hands on the wheel. Hmph!

Julian's Blog said...

Hi Susan, Lillie was happy to hear that you are on her side.