Thursday, July 31, 2008

dump, golf, play time.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a trip to the dump. $26.00 bucks to get rid of a van full of garbage. After a little bit of organizing, Maren's car was able to park in the garage once again. Mornings like this morning are why Maren likes to park in the garage, I went out to get the paper and my van is totally covered in dew. Try to drive and the windows just fog up and stuff. Parked in the garage and you don't even mess with the dew issues.

After the trip to the dump I took Preston out for 9 holes at Jade Green. His overall score was not better than last time, but his potential was much better. On hole one, a short, narrow par 4, I hit a 3 wood right down the middle, and Preston hit his driver and out drove me by a few feet. I hit a PW to about 20 feet, Preston hits his 9-iron to about 20 feet. I just miss my birdie putt, and tap in for a par, Preston hits his first putt 4 feet short, second putt 5 feet by, third putt one inch to the right, and makes a 6. So I beat him by 2 strokes when from tee to green he was just as good. The rest of the day was like this except he hit a few shots out of bounds as well. So I beat him by 20 strokes for 9 holes. As soon as he learns how to get the ball to go in the hole, I will start to be in trouble, but I should be good for a few more years. Preston has watched Happy Gilmore a few times, and the one time he actually made a 15 foot putt, he was like "Happy learned how to putt!!!" If you have not seen the movie, check it out from the library, it is a classic.

Hansen ,Lillie and Carol had Camden, Maggie and Auntie Sue over for a play date (Sue is Carol's sister). I came home for lunch after the dump and before the golf and Sue had brought over some yummy pizza and stuff for the kids. She has her Black Lab, her 5 year old grandson Camden, and 7 month old granddaughter Maggie. The most mellow of the bunch is Maggie who is rolling everywhere and doing everything. She handled those three like a champ, quite impressive. I think my three [kids] are a challenge, but they all are walking and eating on their own, and all speaking English. She has baby talk and dog talk to deal with along with a little English. I had set one of our old porta play pens up up in our room for Maggie to nap in, but I guess Maggie had different plans. Sound like it was a good visit.

Today is back to Soccer tournaments. Preston has a game at 4:15 at Starfire. He will ride with the coach down to the game, but I think me and the littles will show up for the game. He then has two games tomorrow, and maybe a game on Saturday as well.

See you tomorrow.

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