Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dance Camp, Wild Waves, Lego

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Day one of Lillie's Princess Dance Camp went splendidly. She had a few of her old dance class friends in class as well as our neighbor Ali. Her class will put on a little performance on Thursday after class for a few minutes to show off a short routine. Most of the kids were dressed for ballet class, including Lillie, with a leotard, tights, skirt, and ballet shoes. A few of the girls had on dress up princess dresses. I will be curious to see how Lillie decides to dress today.

Preston had a good time at Wild Waves with his friends. They left at 10:00am, one of his friend's mom drove about 6 kids to the theme park and hung out while they all did their thing. Preston missed soccer practice (at 5:30pm) as he got home around 6:00pm. I don't imagine his coach is too thrilled about that, but I don't mind, this may have been his only chance to get to Wild Waves with this group of school kids. Soccer is all the time.

Hansen had his Brickmaster arrive in the mail yesterday. Brickmaster is a Lego magazine subscription that has a small Lego toy with it. The toy he got yesterday was a small Indiana Jones character and a Jeep for Indiana to drive. Indiana Jones is Hansen's thing these days. He plays his Indiana Jones video game and watched Indiana Jones movies when ever he gets the chance.

Today we have Lillie's dance camp in the morning as our only thing on the schedule. Yesterday I premiered the walls in our room, today I will work on painting the ceiling. Tomorrow I may get to painting the walls the actual color, but then again I may not because I am teaching a jr. golf camp from Wed to Fri.

See you tomorrow.

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