Friday, July 25, 2008

Carl Jrs computer rant

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night we went to Carl's Jr. for dinner after a quick (or not so quick according to the kids) to the new Home Depot in Covington. We were looking at flooring options for the master bathroom (we have settled on vinyl tile that is groutable). Anyhow, after HD, we parked in between Carl's Jr. and Safeway so Maren could go to Safeway while the rest of us dined. The cashier at CJrs. was an elderly lady who just could not figure out the coupon we had. Basically it was buy a burger, get a free small drink and fries. The littles both got kid meals, Preston and I got bigger burgers using a coupon. When all was said and done, we still had to pay an extra couple of dollars because she could not figure the coupon...I finally had to just give up and take the loss. On top of that, they gave Hansen the wrong burger. They did give him the right burger and let us keep the old burger, which worked out because then Maren had a burger when she showed up after shopping and I just did not feel bad about the mix up because they did over charge me about the cost of the burger. Anyhow, I can't really boycott stores with poor customer service these days because that is all you get it seems. I do feel bad for these cashiers, the overly complicated computer systems they use do not make their life easier. Our cashier would have had no problem using an old school cash register, ringing up a burger, throwing the coupon in the till and giving us a free drink and fries. It was the fighting with the computer that messed the whole thing up. That is my rant for the day...computers that are too complicated for the people hired to use them. Anyhow, on the flip side, you should ask Maren about the deal she got at Safeway. The store is practically paying customers with coupon savvy to take Windex and Kleenex out of their store for them.

Today Preston is getting his second Chicken Pox vaccine, he needs it to enter the 6th grade in a month. Tonight is also the opening day of Covington days and this evening will be the big fireworks show. We go every year, and this year is no exception. The parade is tomorrow morning, but we usually don't make it because we are still sleeping...maybe the Torchlight parade in Seattle??? Hansen get to play with a school friend and I may take Lillie to the dump with all the carpet and debris from our bedroom remodel.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

She could've asked her manager to help!

Julian's Blog said...

Oh, she did. It was a big ordeal. He even told her to just ring up a burger and nothing else. Then another dude showed her how to do the first one...she tried the second one and thought she did it correctly. That was the trouble, she was sure it was correct, it just was not. But wouldn't it be great it were that easy.

Shannon said...

Regarding the cable and cell phones. Obviously, you know where I stand on cell phones! I don't have one at all. However, I understand that a lot of people with kids think they are important. What about getting those pay-as-you-go phones instead of a plan at all?

I'm not going to get cable with the big switch in Feb. I truly don't need to watch any more TV than I already do, trust me. I'll just use the box.