Friday, July 11, 2008

Band-aids, old school gaming.

Good morning, it is Friday!

We go through so many band-aids in this house! Skateboards, scooters, running in flip-flops, standing on buckets, walking on curbs, you name it, goofing off in a concrete covered world brings lots of band-aids. Here is Lillie sporting three band-aids from her slipping off an upside down 5 gallon bucket while trying to jump on Connor (could not make that one up). The boys generally use band-aids to cover blood. Lillie uses band-aids to cover potential in the scratches could start to bleed!

Thanks to the big project of painting and new floors in our room, some things need to be moved. I brought the TV out of our room (Maren and I are planning on making the TV out of our room a forever change...first day, no problem) and set it up on the garage floor (very temporary move) with my very old Original Nintendo set. I have tons of games and stuff that I have just never gotten rid of, they must be about 20 years old. The kids set up buckets to sit on (or jump off if you are Lillie) and really enjoyed Rad Racer, and other ancient video games. I can still get through the first two levels of Rad Racer, but my attention span for video games is so short these days, I just get bored. It is fun to see how far the games have come in the last 20 years, but in all actuality, these old games are in many ways just as fun as the new ones...besides, it seems to me that the newest games like Guitar Hero are really just throw back games were the graphics are simple and you hit the notes when you are told.

Today Preston has two soccer games. His team is playing in the Kent Cornucopia Cup. They will also have two games tomorrow. I am done with my Jr. Golf camp for the week. The jr. camp has plenty of folks to help with the kids playing this evening, so I am going to be watching soccer instead. I must admit that this year at golf camp, we had all good kids. Of the 40 kids that I helped over the last couple of days, I did not have a single out of line or rude kid in the bunch.

See you tomorrow.

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