Thursday, June 05, 2008

Volunteer breakfast, Chambers Bay GC...done.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

The Volunteer Breakfast for the Volunteers at GL was very nice. The kids were happy to come, until they learned that they were just to play in the gym while the parents had breakfast in the Library. Preston and Hansen really wished they could have been part of the breakfast and eat as well. I did feed the boys breakfast just in case, they just wished they could have been included. Lillie on the other hand was delighted to just play in the gym. I had a muffin and some fruit and sat with Mrs. Behrens and some of the other parents that help in her was a very nice

When I got home from the breakfast I was just about to get ready for golfing at Chambers Bay when my golfing buddies showed up about 10 minutes early. In all the getting ready to leave and discussing the day with John and Carol who were taking over on an early release day for the boys, I totally forgot to put in my contact lenses. I just about panicked when just a few minutes from the golf course I realized I was wearing my glasses. I have not golfed in glasses in two years, and I stopped golfing in glasses because it just does not work. So my excuse was out of the way in a hurry! I also did not bring my camera, the picture of me above is with my camera phone next to the now famous lone tree that someone tried to chop down. The other picture is a funny picture I took for the kids of my pretending to puke next to the sign that says that no hurling [of stuff] is the time I saw the sign, my golfing was making me want to puke, so it worked. The next paragraph is about golfing Chambers Bay...for those of you that would rather eat push pins than read about can skip the next paragraph.

Chambers Bay is a great golf course. We showed up around 10:45 for a 11:40 tee time. Paid and got the shuttle down below. The weather cleared up and the wind was not blowing too crazy hard. Hit a few range balls, rolled a few putts and headed over to the first tee. One of the guys I was golfing with hired a caddie, which was nice, even thought he [the caddie] was not very dynamic, it was nice to have the direction. What a great golf course. After leaving the first tee and being surrounded by the sand dunes, it was like being on a vacation. The course felt like I was in the mountains of Arizona, except that it was windy and the Puget Sound was everywhere. I can honestly say that while I would not want to golf Chambers Bay everyday, I would say that (other than the puke slow greens) it may be the best course I have ever golfed anywhere. We played the Navy tees at 7109 yards and I shot an 85. The number of 6’s I got that would have been 4’s anywhere else was a bunch (I am blaming the glasses for some of my miscues, but really I did play not too bad, the course is just a challenge). My most memorable moments were a birdie 3 on hole 7 from the 482 tees, driving the green on hole 12 from 281, and hitting a ball (on purpose) far into the Sound from the 17th tee box while waiting to play. What an amazing course. The Cutter and Buck company was doing a photo shoot with some LPGA girl dressed in blue and red...will have to look for the adds in the mags later.

Today is just taekwondo for Hansen. If the weather is nice this evening I will probably go play pickle ball at a friend's house...but the weather report is not good. I think Lillie and I will trek to Costco for supplies for when Maren is gone in New Orleans this weekend and half of next week.

See you tomorrow.

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