Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Volunteer breakfast, Chambers Bay GC.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

I will be waking the kids up early because Grass Lake has a special breakfast for all the folks who volunteer at the school during this school year. I get to have the kids serve me breakfast or something. I am sure it will be a fun morning, the kids are excited that we are going.

This afternoon I am very excited to be golfing at Chambers Bay Golf Course. It is the newest fanciest course in probably the whole country. The US open will be there in several years and I will let you know tomorrow it is worth all the hype in my opinion. I will be golfing with a neighbor and a friend from Elk Run. I had always figured my first round at Chambers Bay would be with our friend Larry Nelson who is in the midst of battling throat cancer and can't play right now. Larry lives right near the course and is and has been more excited than anyone about everything to do with Chambers Bay Golf Course. I will try to hit a good shot or two for Larry today.

See you tomorrow.

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