Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Robin...yum.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

The nice weather is finally here. Yay.

Yesterday was the first day of VBS for Hansen and Lillie. They both have friends from school in their VBS classes and both seemed to enjoy themselves. Preston has decided he is too old to be in VBS, and he may be right...the class he would be in is good size, but may be mostly 4th graders. I took Preston to the driving range during yesterday VBS, and I may do the same today.

Maren took the second half of the day off yesterday (she is building a very good stash of vacation days and needs to take some time off) and we took the kids to the new Red Robin in Covington for Lunch. Red Robin was great. We have always had good meals and good service at Red Robin. The restaurant we have had such poor service at that we have no plans on ever returning is Applebee's. They actually forgot half of our food order, then blamed us for not pestering them about our order. Anyhow, it is nice to have a new Red Robin in Covington...we could walk there if we were up to a 25 minute walk. The new TV commercial for Red Robin is very catchy, if we talk about dining there, the kids go around saying in perfect pitch, Red Robin...Yummm.

Mel and the twins are scheduled to visit this afternoon. Maybe we will walk up to the school park and they can play baseball with Hansen and play on the big toy with Lillie...oh yea, they are only 3 months old, guess they can watch.

Maren is starting to get ready for her ALA conference in Anaheim California. She will leave on Thursday and returns the following Tuesday. She is getting all kind of great invitations to very cool dinners and such.

See you tomorrow.

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