Friday, June 27, 2008

P Haircut. Eating bugs. Wii Fit. Chess.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Thursday was a full day. I have some phone pics to show what the day was like, kind of. The phone does not take the best pictures, but it is so gosh darn convenient that I choose to use it anyhow. Maren did land safe and sound in California, we will see her again Tuesday evening.

Preston got a haircut!!! He looks so good with short hair! It was totally his decision...Maren always complained about his long hair and now feels a little guilty, but rest assured, Preston would never get his hair cut just to please his mom. He looks a lot taller as well. He is about as tall as his mom now, which is amazing.

Yesterday we went to the Library for a program put on by the Bug Chef. There were tons of kids and everyone got to eat a bug if they wanted to. This bug is a cricket. Yum!
Preston eating his cricket. He struggled with it the rest of the day. Water was necessary right away, then at home he was using mouth wash and brushing his teeth. Maybe a little dramatic IMO. Hansen and Lillie were smart enough to stay away from the bugs.
This is Lillie doing a Warrior Pose with the yoga part of Wii Fit. She enjoys her Nintendo time, I don't think it really matters what game she is playing, what counts is that she has the Nintendo and her brothers do not. Choosing a one player game like Wii Fit is a sure way that one of her brothers will not join in the game, then change the game to one of their own.
Hansen and his buddy Kole playing a game of Chess. Unfortunately for them I am their chess teacher...and I suck. But I do know how the pieces move, so that is something. Preston has gotten pretty good for his age and has played some at school.

Today it is supposed to get hot and stay hot for the weekend. Like in the 90's. I am teaching a golf lesson while the littles are in their last day of VBS. Preston will be with me hitting range balls while I teach. The rest of the day is open so we will probably just be hanging out.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I think it's funny that Preston cuts his hair the day his mom's out of town! He sure looks different, but it's really cute.

Eating bugs, gross.

That's a great warrior pose. Makes me want to get the Wii fit!

Too bad Eric isn't well enough to come over and teach chess. Then again, he'd get dandruff all over the board (eeeewww!!!). I'm sure you're a good teacher.

Love the photos. Good post!

Julian's Blog said...

Eric is balder than me these days. Lately he just wears a dirt mark into his cheek with his pointer finger next to his nose as he ponders. He would be a great chess teacher. His game was Monopoly last I saw him. He had every number on every property for all the hotels and houses memorized. Preston was geeking out that Eric would always know how much people owed without looking at the properties. Eric did win that game of Monopoly easily...must be a little more than luck with that game.

We actually got Preston's hair cut just before taking Mar to the airport. She was very pleased, but felt a little guily about all the complaining about his long hair in the past.