Saturday, June 07, 2008

Maren left for her trip, School BBQ.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Maren just left for her trip to New Orleans. She says it gets harder to leave on these week long trips every year...but she does have a very nice time when she is there. She just left at 9:00 am our time, and she will not get to her hotel in New Orleans until around 10:30 pm. How is that for a long day of travel? Last night when we [the family] were talking about today, Lillie and Hansen were jumping on Maren saying "don't leave Mom, we want you to stay!" She will get home very late on Wednesday evening. This is actually an extra trip, not really planned, she will be going on her regular trip to Anaheim later this month.

Yesterday was the School BBQ at Grass Lake. Lillie and I bought lunch tickets and joined in the fun. It was raining SO hard the entire time. The most fun to be had [according to Lillie] was to stick you hand in the down pour of water where the gutters were overflowing and the water was falling as if being shot from a Fire Hydrant. Hansen's lunch was first and Hansen enjoyed having me and Lillie hang with him. We ate outside under the overhang [in the cold] as the inside of the gym was over full and the high school band, that was very good mind you, was just too loud for little ears. After eating Lillie followed Hansen and his friends around, and found some of her own friends to hang with. 45 minutes later we got to do it again with Preston and his friends. I think Lillie was never so happy to get back in the dry car when it was finally time to leave. Lillie did do a very good job of embarrassing Preston by giving him a little hug in front of his friends...the HORROR!

Today at Noon we will have Connor over for the weekend. Connor and Preston are on the same soccer team and they have a game tomorrow. Hansen and Kole will be spending the night at John and Carol's house tonight, so basically I am just trading one kid for another. Should work out just fine.

See you tomorrow.

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