Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maren is home, Dance, golf, taekwondo.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Well, Maren is finally home after a fun day in the skies. Her plane left New Orleans an hour late which made her hour and a half layover into a 20 minute sprint for the terminal. She made it there only to be told that they could not believe she made it and her seat had just been given away. She was still able to get a seat on the plane, but was now in the isle rather than in her preferred window seat. Well, she was on the plane, only the plane had no pilot. Due to delays of another plane, her pilot was late...then there was an issue with maintenance. The plane (fully loaded and happy to give her seat away because she was running late due to their earlier plane) sat for two hours before leaving. Maren was supposed to be at SeaTac at 9:30, which is not too late in asking her parents to pick her up (she left her car at their house), but arrived more like midnight. Luckily her dad stayed up and picked her up. We saw her around 1:00 this morning.

Yesterday was Lillie's last day of dance class before her big recital. The kids showed off the routine to any parents hanging is very fun. One fun part is where they skip in, do a loop-de-loop into their spots, then shake their booties and pretend to be playing an air Trumpet. Yesterday I signed Lillie up for Disney Princess Camp, a 4 day summer camp for girls her age at Dance Arts. I am sure she will love the camp.

I golfed yesterday as John and Carol came out to hang with Lillie. They were looking a little worn out from their busy grand kid schedule. They both spent all of Monday, spent the night Monday night, then stayed until Tuesday evening at Mels to help with the twins as Court has been in Florida for business. John said it was like Eight hours after they got home from Mel's house and they were at my house, and I figure they will be out to North Bend again this morning after being up very late to pick up Maren from the airport. Good thing they are going on a 10 day vacation in just over a week! My game was pretty good, not quite as sharp since Lillie has finished school for the year. When she was in school, I would go to the practice range once a week while she was in school. No complaining here, just happy to get the chance to golf.

Today is Taekwondo, maybe. Hansen is quiting after this last two weeks are done and getting him to even go is just not worth it. He says he wants to play soccer and tennis and he thinks Taedwondo is just getting to boring. Taekwondo is a pretty structured and ridged environment that was great for him the first year, the second year he was just going for the sparring and the new he is just done. I can fully understand as that was how I felt about Cross Country Running as kid. The first years it was new and I was good at it, then for a while I suffered thru workouts just to do well at the races, and then I was just done...and I have never looked back. I say if your not having fun at your game, it is time to find a new game.

See you tomorrow.

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