Sunday, June 08, 2008

M in NO, ketchup, dealing for a Father's day gift.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Maren arrived in New Orleans just fine last night and was in her hotel room by 10:00pm. She is probably conferencing away today.

Yesterday we got Hansen and Kole to John and Carol's house just fine. I had Preston, Connor, and Lillie with me and we were lucky enough to be fed lunch before taking off. The funny lunch story was the ketchup. On the counter near where the hot dogs were being dressed was a bottle of Catalina French Dressing. Both Preston and Kole put that on their hot dogs thinking it was ketchup. About two bits into his hot dog Preston started to complain. Kole make it a few bites as well. Once the ketchup snafu was discovered, the boys got to have new buns and regular ketchup...phew. I was cracking up.

On the way home from the Ostergard's house we stopped by the music store to trade a box of #2 clarinet reeds for a box of #2.5 reeds...I guess Preston's band teacher thinks he is getting a little bit better and could benefit from stronger reeds.

We also went to Joe's Sports to buy Preston new Soccer shoes. His old ones split in the toe and for the last game and few practices, his right foot has been covered in Duct Tape. I thought it looked quite tough, but he needed new boots. We looked at the cool motorized mini bike on sale for like $200.00 after rebate. I told Preston that he should bring his mom to Joe's when she gets back and convince her to buy the mini bike for me for Father's Day. With him on my side, anything is possible...but Noooo. Preston goes into a lecture about how I shopped the Dollar store with the kids for Mom's Mother's Day gifts and that if I thought I would have wanted something expensive for Father's Day, I should have maybe spent a bit more on Mother's Day. What gives??? I though he would be on my side. It turns out the kids are quite loyal to their mom, guess I will need to plan better next year.

Last night went smoothly around here and it will be off to soccer in an hour.

See you tomorrow.

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