Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lillie's Recital.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was Lillie's dance recital. Stef came over at 10:00 am to take Lillie to the dress rehearsal, then stay for a sack lunch, with the performance at 1:30 pm. Me and the boys showed up at about 12:45 to wait in line for seating. The performance was at the Renton Ikea Theatre which holds about 550 people, and it was full. We ended up with great seats in the third row. Lillie's class was about the 5th class to dance. Her class had the girls enter the stage by skipping in a row, then go to a place on the stage. Lillie was the last to come in, she would turn and take her place in the front. As she was skipping in and turning, she lost her footing and fell flat on her tummy! It was very sad, but Lillie was a trooper and hopped right up and continued on with her routine as if it never happened. Her class was the youngest class to have a somewhat complicated routine with out having any teachers on the stage, they all looked a little nervous as opposed to having fun, but they did a very good job. We ordered a CD of the performance, but will not get the CD for a month. After the show we took the kids and Stef to any restaurant that Lillie wanted for lunch. We actually saw some other girls from the dance performance at the small Renton McDonalds as that was Lillie's choice. The pictures above are of Lillie with her ice-cream cone at McDonalds, and Stef and Lillie before they left for the perfomance.

The McDonalds was very busy and messed up my order just a us an extra cheese burger, not giving us enough drink cups, but charging us an extra dollar or two. I just let it slide as it was no big deal and they were so busy that trying to get the dollar back would have been a hassle not worthy of a dollar, besides I ate half of the extra cheese burger. I also would not let Stef pay us for hers or Corey's tickets to the performance as she helped so much and it was nice to have her with us. Preston did not think my decisions to let McDonalds or Stef off the hook were very good financial decisions and gave me a lecture about "letting money slip through my fingers". I told him that I would rather live a happy relaxed life and not worry about a dollar here or there every second of every day as my money works just fine for me, besides, Maren and I are extremely frugal with our money. I guess he is learning good stuff about money, now I guess I need to focus on his use of tact.

After Stef and Lillie left in the morning, me and Hansen went out on our bicycles to look for garage sales. The neighbor kids were planning a lemonade stand and Preston was hoping to sell snow cones, but he had to come with us to Lillie's recital, so in the morning he was just sulking around...Hansen and I left him at home while we found three garage sales, but nothing to buy.

Hansen had his friend Kole spend the night last night, but Kole's dad said he could only spend the night if lights were out at 11:00 pm as he has a big day planned today. No problem, we probably got to bed earlier with Kole spending the night. It was hot (like 85 + degrees) in the house and Preston had Andrew over until about 10:00 pm playing video games and stuff. It was almost a rush to get the kids ready for bed by 11:00pm. Lillie did not stay up that long, not that she would not have wanted to, she was just too tired.

No plans today, we will see what the day brings.

See you tomorrow.


homeless travelers said...

Lillie is so cute and it looks like Aunt Stephanie helped her out with a little make-up. Lillie is so lucky to have a Aunt like Stephanie who lives close by.

Amber said...

Lillie does look a little nervous in the picture beforehand with Stef. I hope she isn't dwelling on the fall.

Being frugal is one thing (and it's very important), but I too have learned that sometimes generosity and understanding are more important in creating personal happiness.

Julian's Blog said...

I don't think Lillie is bothered by the fall at all. She may have even forgotten all about it if it was not for her brothers saying stuff like "Whoo, you landed flat on your face! Did it hurt?" She said it hurt he elbow some. I think Preston was actually amazed that she just got right up and did her thing, she is a tough little cookie.