Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last helper day, VV.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was Lillie's last speech class of the school year at GL. Every Tuesday from 10:00 to 10:30 Lillie had speech class and during that time I would always go to Hansen's class Mrs. Behrens' class as during that time they were always working on math and even though I only had a half hour, I was able to walk around and help kids with math problems and such. I also helped every other Thursday in the afternoon when Lillie was in pre-school. Yesterday was my last day to help in Mrs. Behrens' class. Mrs. Behrens had a nice plant and a card for me which was very nice. All the kids said "thank you Mr. Slane, have a nice summer, see you next year!"...then Hansen was like "Hey, does that mean I don't get to see you until next year?" and of course he was cracking up his friends. Mrs Behrens is a wonderfull teacher (Maren says she has the best in class library of any class room she has ever seen) and this was a great school year for Hansen. I really enjoyed helping in her classroom. Thank you Mrs. Behrens.

Lillie and I stopped by Value Village in the afternoon as we were looking for a white/cream sweater to go over summer dresses for Maren. We did find exactly what we were looking old lady and her old lady friend were looking through the sweaters from the opposite side that me and Lillie were looking. She actually had the sweater in her hands and was showing it to her friend saying "oh look, another Ann Taylor sweater, this is nice!", as she put it back on the rack, I asked her if she was going to buy it as it was just what I was looking for, she said "no, it is very nice, and there is a similar sweater in Black over in the Larges", I told her this one was perfect and thanks, she then went on to say how who ever I was buying this sweater for was really going to like it! I think she was happy to have someone else to talk to for a minute. Once Lillie and I left the isle, we could still hear her talking to her friend non stop. Lillie also found a nice pink dress that she is showing off in the cell phone picture above. To be fair I will try to get a photo of the boys and post it one of these days. I have just been spending a ton of time with Lillie and not much with the boys as Lillie has been out of school for the last month and the boys don't get out [of school] until the end of this week.

Today we actually don't have any after school activities at all. This is a week off for Preston's soccer team and a week off for Lillie's dance class.

See you tomorrow.

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