Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last day of school, first day of summer all in one.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a big day around our house. The Last day of school. Yesterday was a little rough on both the boys. Half of Preston's class, and many of his friends were 6th graders and now are done with elementary school. Some of the kids were very happy, some sad. Preston has done a good job in the last few months of realigning himself with the kids in his own grade level, for awhile all his friends were a grade ahead. Hansen had his last day at GL as next year he is going to go back to CV. There are really only a couple of friends that he will really miss and he is a little worried about that. I still think he will enjoy CV more in most every way, and he will go to the same Jr. high and High school as all the kids he knows now. Hansen went to a party directly after school that was thrown for his classmates by a classmate who lives across the street from GL. Hansen had a nice time. After school was so crazy as all the buses were honking their horns and kids were going every which way and all the teachers were was a mob scene. The weather was perfect, after school the kids played in the neighbors little pool and goofed off. Last night we did a fire pit in our back yard and each of our kids invited a friend to roast marshmallows. I am getting much better about not being in the kid's faces around the fire, they all did just fine without me giving instruction. Summer is here...the kids played outside until about 10:00pm and were bummed out when I made them come in as they still had a couple of friends outside. Bedtime for the next two months is going to be a loosing battle.

Yesterday Lillie had a birthday party to attend for a pre-school friend. The party was at My Gym, which is a cool place with play/gymnastics type of stuff and a couple of energetic college girls leading the kids (about 18 five year olds) through different games and obstacles. Lillie had a great time. I walked across the street to the 7-11 store for a Slurpee and a Lotto ticket. The Slurpee was great, lets hope the Lotto ticket also pans out!

The last thing of note from Yesterday had Preston maybe the most pleased. He beat the hardest song on Guitar Hero 3 on the hardest level. The song is Through The Fire And Flames?, and is totally crazy. The only way any one can pass this song is to 1) be way amazing at video games and have crazy hand-eye coordination, and 2) played and studied the song so much that you have most of it memorized. The song is like 7 minutes long and I could not last 12 seconds.

The above pictures are of the 1) the boys on the way to their last day of school, 2) Hansen with his favorite teacher Mrs. Behrens, and 3) Preston and his Completed Guitar Hero Game.

See you tomorrow.

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