Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice Cream Truck, M off to ALA

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

With this nice weather, you know who is coming around the neighborhood a lot more these days. You guessed it, the Ice Cream Truck. The littles and all the neighborhood kids under the age of about 8 years old go nutty when an Ice Cream Truck comes around. I mean they loose their minds. They have no money, and for a few minutes, they have no minds. We get a few different versions of the ice cream truck. The one I always buy from is the Ice Cream Motorcycle. He is a local guy with good prices...but he is not who swings by the most. The one that is here the most is a Chevy Astro Van that looks like it has not been maintained for years, prices that are too high, and a driver that does not really even like children. To combat the Ice Cream truck total loss of brains syndrome, we just have to stock our own Popsicles. We can buy like 20 Popsicles for the price of one not so yummy SpongeBob Popsicle head from the ice cream truck. Lillie is the smoothest of the kids with brain loss. She runs to the truck, decides what she wants, then has no money. She actually is able to get others to buy her stuff just because she is so gosh darn cute, but that is not really right. So when I hear the music from far off, I have to go straight into either here is some money mode, or total defense mode...can't just let it go.

Today after VBS we are driving Maren to the airport for her week in Anaheim CA for ALA. She actually has an invite to dinner in some hidden restaurant inside of Disney Land called Club 33? Some fancy member only club that serves alcoholic beverages. She is acting all sad to leave us for a week, but Anaheim with friends for a week, meeting and partying about books in secret clubs inside Disney Land??? Who is she kidding...not me!

Today is a bug show at the local library we may attend. VBS, take Maren to the airport, and Goalie Training for Preston in the evening.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

that librarian stuff isn't as glamorous and hilarious as it may sound... sometimes it can be a little bit cornball. But I'm sure that Maren will bring home some fun new books and posters. I hope all of you get through the ALA fine! Love, susanna