Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ice-cream, Hulk, Jesse Jones.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was sure rainy and windy and cold around our house. Last night the wind was blowing very hard and the power was flickering on and off...I thought it was going to be a dark evening. But we never lost power and by bed time the wind calmed down for the most part and we all slept just fine. The back yard is covered in leaves and small branches, but everything seems to be where it should be.

The most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I stopped by the store and bought ice-cream. You would have thought that the kids had never had ice-cream before in their entire life times the way they were excited for ice-cream...and just chocolate was perfect. We ate ice-cream and watched American Gladiators. Last night was the night featuring the HULK and one of the gladiators was spray painted green and did look rather Hulkish. I think I will go to the library one of these days and see if you can check out the old Hulk TV shows so the kids can see some David Banner getting a little angry...then a lot angry...then turn into Lou Frigno (sp?). The movie previews look like it is all computer animated now rather than on the TV shows where the Hulk was just a huge human.

Last night on the news they have a new segment called Money Saving Mondays with Jesse Jones...da da da. It cracks me up that Jesse Jones is in these money savings and consumer advocate roles as he is the most extremely intense news reporter ever. Anyhow, last night the big way to save money was...da da da...check out movies from the King County Library System. Go Library! We saw more of Jesse Jones calling himself Jesse Jones than the actual Library, but a little extra prime time advertising for the Library was cool.

Today is another basic day. Hansen has taekwondo in the evening, and that is about it.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

he tore up everyone's laundry.
ha ha!! love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

I just checked out www.louferrigno.com. Motivational speaker, author, personal trainer, DVDs and more...HULK music...go Lou Ferrigno.

Amber said...

He still sells autographs at comic conventions :)