Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

I did not blog yesterday, but had a nice Father's Day. After spending the morning at Starfire for two soccer games (that resulted in Preston's team getting beat quite soundly both games) Preston and I met up with the rest of the family at John and Carol's house for Dinner and hanging out. I listened to the US Open on my radio as much as possible and watched some of it on TV at J and C's house. Amazing ending...actually it is not over, playoff today! Also at J and C's house were Stef, Mel, Court, and the twins. The twins are getting bigger and cuter all the time. Both Jack and Avery have the ability to go from happy to not happy in an instant...or half of an instant. I called my dad after the open. He called the Basketball game, but I am still rooting for Boston...we are Ray Allen fans here in Seattle.

Friday night Maren and I had a very nice dinner at the 25th Anniversary Dinner for the Children's Alliance in Down Town Seattle. We got to see Governor Christine Gregoire and others talk about the importance of fighting for children's rights. Maren saw several folks she knows from different circles, it was quite a fancy affair.

Stef and Corey watched the kids when we were out. We picked up Preston in the evening as he had his two soccer games in the morning, but Hansen and Lillie got to spend the night at their place. We caught up with Lillie and Hansen at John and Carol's house. They [Hansen and Lillie...and hopefully Stef and Corey] had a great time and came home with plenty of Hertz logo stuff.

Today is an easy day. Nothing on the books other than Lillie's year end gymnastics olympiad this evening. And the weather should be nice today!

See you tomorrow.

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