Tuesday, June 03, 2008

gutters, trampoline.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

This is a rainy morning. Glad I cleaned out the gutters yesterday. All but the very high ones...I don't really do tall ladders. When the gutters are starting to sprout little trees from all the seedlings that fall, you know they need to be cleaned. I found two GI-Joe action figures, one Nerf Dart, and three paper air-planes. I do need to do the higher gutters on a dry day as I can actually see some kind of toy hanging halfway in/out of the gutter. Of course Lillie was confused when I told her to come outside and clean the gutters with me. She calls utters gutters. She was like "we are going to clean a cow's...you know...these things???" No, gutters, not utters you goof ball.

The littles had a fun evening on the neighbor's trampoline. I usually don't let them on the trampoline because the games on their get kind of rough and if you ever watch AFV, you know trampolines are injury magnets, also the gymnastics folks always preach against home trampolines. Anyhow, Lillie snuck herself up on the trampoline and was having a great time, so I just looked away for awhile. Hansen and Kole had gotten their walkie talkies out and were on a self prescribed spy mission when they spotted one Lillian Slane jumping gleefully on the trampoline. The spies made a beeline to me to tell me the news. So I fixed the situation with a small band aid...I just let Hansen go on the trampoline with Kole after Lillie and Adi were finished. Of course as all great plans go, Preston spied Hansen on the trampoline as he was on his way home from soccer practice and tried to get Hansen busted.

Today I have the refrigerator repair person checking in on our fridge. It seems the ice maker must have a small leak as dripping water is forming lumps of ice in the freezer. We will see what they say. The fridge has been doing fine of late, maybe this is a simple fix.

See you tomorrow.

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