Monday, June 02, 2008

A good weekend.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

This weekend was a fun one. Saturday we had our friends Mick and Susan over for a BBQ, only we did not BBQ, rather we had a bunch of good Taco based dishes. Yum. Susan did a good job as lead singer during a 10 minute stint of Rock Band. Mick and Hansen [and I] were working on their chipping and pitching in the back yard. I suspect we will be finding golf balls in the craziest places for the next few weeks...Spif enjoyed making himself a target as often as he could. In the evening we had the fire pit going, it was fun to make smores and hang near the fire. Preston asked all day to have his friend Andrew come over to do the fire pit with us. We said fine, then they did the fire pit for all of five minutes before going back to playing Rock Band.

Sunday brought a super early wake up time as Preston had a Soccer game at 8:30 am. I had the Hansen and Lillie with me as well as Connor who rode to the game with us. The team never really took control of the game and lost 3-0. It was a very physical game with lots of shoving and tripping and stuff. I took Lillie and Hansen to the little lake and the park so they did have fun, other than just rolling down the hill. The two littles were on each others nerves from moment one. Hansen running in front of Lillie and blocking her path, Lillie not letting Hansen on the teeter totter with her, and so on and so on.

In the afternoon we went to the Oman house for a lunch to honor Maggie and Camden's dedication at their church. More good food, and a little sports watching on the TV. Maren's parents left just a few minutes before Mel, Court and the twins showed up. I am guessing they [John and Carol] get plenty of twins time in, but everyone was like, poor John and Carol, they just missed the twins. Lillie and Claire get along amazingly well, they never seem to argue and they have no problem changing into and out of different outfits then showing off their fancy looks to anyone who will look. The boys all got along just fine as well...even Preston seemed to enjoy whatever game they were playing. Seems to me they were designing and flying paper airplanes. The hardest part getting ready to leave was to get Lillie to put her own clothes back on. We would tell her to go change and she would, just not into her own clothes. The kids are very lucky to get to hang with their cousins on such a regular basis. I think this has been three of the last four weekend that at least some of the cousins have been together.

Today is back to a Monday. School, gymnastics, soccer and so on.

See you tomorrow.

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