Sunday, June 22, 2008

garage sale, Ostergard party at Lake Tapps.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we walked the neighborhood for garage sales around 10:00am and found one garage sale with some good treasures. Hansen got a cool little game boy type of game, Lillie got a pair of Barbie walkie-talkies, and Preston got a microphone to hook into his keyboard. The guy hosting the garage sale was a guy I was kind of friends with in High school. I recognized him and said hi, I don't think he would have recognized me, but he did remember me and we had mutual friends and grew up in the same area. Maren always freaks out when I can remember someone that I have not seen in 20 years, but living in Covington and growing up in Kent, it seems to happen on a regular basis.

Yesterday we had an Ostergard get together to welcome the twins. We got to see a bunch of cousins and relatives we don't usually see. The party was at Lake Tapps Island and even thought the weather was more overcast than sunny and in the low 70s, the kids all found the water to be the place to be. There was a slide into the lake, a couple of boats the kids got to be in charge of, and even a huge party barge that went for a trip around the lake. Lillie and Preston are boat and water lovers, Hansen not so much. The party boat actually had to come back in after a few minutes to drop off Hansen. The adults on the shore (like me, I also am not a friend of boats) thought that maybe Lillie was getting scared, nope, not Lillie...Hansen. Hansen went on his way catching tad poles while the party boat toured the lake. There was excellent food from every kind of salads to burgers and hot dogs to cake and deserts. I ate a ton! After Hansen got his second hot dog, he told Herm (one of John's brothers) that he was not allowed to leave the grill as he may be back! There was also a bean bag game similar to horse shoes called cornhole (which does not sound like a good name for anything really) that was quite fun. Courtney challenged me to a game and she was leading by 3 points until the bitter end, I caught up and tied the game on my last throw, then in an amazing sudden death performance, I won!!! I did not deserve to win, but luck was on my side. Below are pictures of the party, a few are lifted from Mel and Courts camera, you can see more pics at their blog site.

Lillie and Hansen in one of the boats available for fun.
Preston and a few cousins his age hanging out.
Most of the kids at the party posing for the camera.
Slane group at a table for a quick bite to eat.
Lillie getting a ride in yet another boat.
Hansen never turns down a good piece of cake.
Mel and Courtney with the twins Jack and Avery.
See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I have to say, in these last couple of posts Hanson's looking like quite the strapping young lad! Well, except maybe when he's eating cake.

Amber said...

Sorry, Hansen. I totally spelled that wrong.

PS: I am not fond of water either. I'm going to have Chuck teach Aurora how to swim.