Wednesday, June 11, 2008

errands, book report, Maren on the way home.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday after speech class, Lillie and I went out on the town (actually, we ventured all the way to Kent East Hill) and ran errands. First stop Joes Sports to fix Preston's bicycle. His freewheel has been busted and he was using a pedal brake wheel from Hansen's old bicycle. One new freewheel and two fixed bicycles. Then over to Target. Lillie needed a new bicycle helmet as hers was old and cracked, she also needed new training wheels for her bigger bicycle. We found a cute skater type of Polly Pockets helmet (one that came with a Polly Pockets way to sell a helmet to a young girl, give her a doll with purchase) and hopefully once she gets used to this bicycle a little, she will be ready to take off the training wheels. I was looking for slip on shoes for her as well, but we did not find any that fit the bill. I did find an Adidas golf hat in the clearance for cheap for myself. Then over to Ivar's for lunch. Kids eat free with an adult meal. With just one adult and one child, it makes for a great deal and a good lunch.

Last night Hansen worked on his book report for about an hour while Preston played Guitar Hero and Lillie did art work. I am sure Hansen's teacher wants him to do the book report himself, rather than his parent doing it for him, but it is just a shame that he has to race through it so fast. He spent plenty of time reading his book and enjoyed the book, but his answers to the questions are so short and incomplete that I just cringe when reading it. Oh well, I gave him one or two, "you should really try to explain this better" comments, but I think he was on to bigger and better things. I guess a second grade book report with one week left in school for the year should look short and to the point. Tonight he will work on his Diorama.

Maren called last night and said she had a very nice dinner with my Aunt Susanna and Uncle Johnny last night in New Orleans. Today is a travel day for her. She gets into the airport around 9:30 pm, which means while she technically gets home today, we will not see her until around 11:00pm, and the kids won't see her until tomorrow.

Today Preston has a class field trip to the Point Defiance Zoo and I plan on golfing. Luckily for all of us the rain is supposed to stop (it has not stopped yet!) and the day should be a cool but dry day with nicer weather on the books for the next hand full of days.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Dear Julian, We loved seeing Maren and Susan, and had yummy dinner and dessert. Lots of laughs! And of course I got to repeat some reminiscences, which I hope she may have forgotten, about how beautiful a baby you were, about Ellen's elaborate eye-makeup in junion high etc. Everybody missed you! I know you'll be happy when she gets home tonight. Love, susanna