Monday, June 23, 2008

Dresser gone, H baseball, VBS.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday Maren and I got back to work on the daunting task of remodeling our bedroom. I got back to wall paper removal and we decided to get rid of our huge white Ikea dresser that I had in the bedroom. The big dresser was never very good, and one drawer was broken of late. Since our neighbor was holding a garage sale, the plan was to somehow get it down stairs, outside and put a free sign on it just hoping someone would take it. The thing was so big that we had to slide it on its end, then tip it on its lid, and kind of do the same down the stairs where we had a skate board waiting to roll it outside. Just as I was getting it to the sidewalk a big ford pick-up truck that had just stopped at the garage sale asked me if I was selling the dresser, I just said that they could have it if they wanted it. And just like that we had it loaded in their truck before I ever got it off the skate board. How cool is that. The guy also was hoping I wanted to sell my Coke machine, and made me an offer, but I think I want to hold onto the Coke machine for a few more years.

Yesterday the kids played outside most of the day. Preston and his friends Andrew and Alec were out on the loose on their bicycles. They are old enough now to be able to ride where they want to for the most part. They all have cell phones, so when it is time for Preston to come home I just call him and tell him to come home. Sometimes it is very nice for us parents to give the kids a cell phone.

I took Hansen up to the school park with a baseball bat and a bunch of tennis balls. Hansen has been bugging me to teach him to play baseball. It is too late to get him on a team this summer, so I think I will just take him to the school and teach him baseball skills on my own. This is probably a better introduction to the game for him anyway as we can leave after an hour no problem. Normally with kids (as I teach golf camps) I am teaching them to get rid of their baseball grip and use a golf grip, yesterday was the first time I have ever taught a kid to stop using a golf grip and to use a baseball grip. Hansen did very good with batting (when I could give him a decent pitch to hit) and he throws very well too. If Hansen keeps his interest in base ball, I will sign him up for a team next summer. Now with taekwondo out of the way, he is itching to do new sports. Sounds like baseball and tennis are on the top of his list. We have a few pickle ball rackets and pickle balls that we use out in the culde-sac to hit the ball back and forth. Once Hansen can get control of where he is hitting the pickle ball, then I will probably get him a tennis racket and let him try the full court.

Today is VBS for Hansen and Lillie from 10:00 to Noon. Preston decided to not be part of VBS this year as he thinks he is too old for it. I may force him to go to the driving range and hit some golf balls while VBS is in session, if it was up to him he would spend the time playing Guitar Hero at home alone. Guitar Hero for the Game Boy just came looks very cool, Pres is saving his cash for that game now, it could take a while as he spent all his money buying Rock Band.

See you tomorrow.

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