Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bike ride, Mel and the twins visit.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday while the littles were in VBS, Preston and I took out our bicycles and rode into town...Covington that is, a whole 10 minute bike ride away. We first went to the AM/PM and got the biggest slurpee possible along with a Lotto Ticket. Then it was over to the Post Office to buy stamps, and finally over to Walmart for no real reason. We rode at a leisurely pace, took shortcuts when possible, and did not have to navigate three parking lots. I bet our trip on bicycle took the same as long as it would have in a car due to no parking lots and traffic and stuff. Besides, it was fun. I also figure I had better take Preston out on a few of these rides and show him how traffic behaves and how to lock his bicycle and stuff as he will be doing these trips with his friends soon enough.

After I picked the littles up from VBS, Melanie and the twins (and Katie the dog) came over for a visit. They are home alone this week as Court and Stef are in Florida on Business, and John and Carol have been in Minnesota for a reunion. Tomorrow Maren leaves for California and we will be short handed around here as well. We took our kids and the twins on a walk up the the school for some fun. Hansen, Preston and Preston's friend Andrew and I practiced batting while Lillie played on the bars and swings. Mel's twins took a short nap. There were so many kids up at the the school you would have thought school was in session. Then it was back home and grilled burgers for dinner. The twins are very cute, but Avery does not like the stroller or the car seat. Put her in the car seat or stroller and she cries and cries and cries and just does not stop. Hopefully she grows out of that funk as the stroller and the car were always a safety net for us when the kids were babies and would not calm down.

Today is also VBS, I will take Preston to the driving range during that hour and a half of no littles. Later Preston will have soccer practice and Lillie has her last dance class before the big recital this weekend. Hansen will be on easy street and just hanging out, except for if he wants any friends to come in the house to play, he will need to work on his room first.

See you tomorrow.

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