Monday, June 30, 2008

AM/PM, Thunder storms.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a very hot day around these parts. It has been hotter here than where Maren is in California...except we don't have any air conditoning. In the heat of the afternoon, we decided to walk to the AM/PM and buy slurpees. Preston had his friend Alec and Lillie really wanted to invite Adi, but for that long of a walk in the heat, I was not about to bring extra 7 year olds. The AM/PM was great. Air conditioned with working slurpee machines (I did not even think the slurpee machine may not be working until just before we got there then I was just hoping it was working), it was like a vacation destination. I don't know what all the grumpy customers paying $4.39 per gallon of gas on a hot day thought of four kids totally ecstatic to be in an air condition slurpee providing store, but I can say the kids were enjoying life more than most of those adults.

Last night we had quite a thunder storm in the Cascade foothills, not too far from our house. Hansen and Lillie got totally freaked out by the thunder and lightning. Hansen was so upset he could hardly count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, which never got closer than 6 seconds. Hansen does have his irrational fears...much like big dogs when he was younger. He did a good job of getting Lillie plenty worked up. Preston was having a great time taunting Hans and Lils by saying how we were all going to die and how he was going to stand in the doorway just so he could let the lightning into our house, counting wrong as to convince the littles that the lightning was right on top of us, and basically doing anything possible to make sure Hansen's fears were fully fueled. I had to keep on top of Preston or he would have gone way over over the top (not that he didn't) as the lightning had got him energized...or freaking out his easily freaked out little brother had him going. Anyhow, the only way anyone was going to get any sleep was to have everyone sleep downstairs on the floor. Hansen and Lillie were scared and wanted to sleep with me, and Preston had then convinced that if they slept upstairs the lightning would surely get them. So we did sleep down stairs and we are just now waking up as we did not even get calmed down enough with teeth brushed and sleeping arrangements made and lightning stopped until around midnight.

Today I am taking the kids to Wild Waves Theme Park. We had season passes a few years ago, but it was too tough to watch the kids when Lillie was two and three. We will try again as Lillie is not going to have any problem staying with Hansen, and Preston is old enough where I don't need to keep my eye on him every second. Hansen's friend who told us he was going at 11:00, just knocked on the door at 9:20 to tell us he is leaving. We will not hurry so fast, after breakfast we will be on our way.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

We had lightning and thunder here last night too! And when we have storms, the lightening really does get right on top of us - it sounds like it's cracking right nextdoor. Once we even saw it hit the power line next to Chuck's studio. Last night we were afraid it would wake the baby, but it didn't.

Tater gets as scared as Hansen, but she just slinks under the bed, which according to her is the safest place in the house during any storm (and it's upstairs).

Julian's Blog said...

Wow! I don't think Hansen should visit your house during the storm season. I put the news on at 11:00 pm to see the weather report, and all that was on was all the trees, and homes destroyed by lightning. The fire department was saying how it was good a particular family was not upstairs during the bolt. I quickly turned off the TV as it did not really help the cause any.