Friday, June 06, 2008

Allowance day.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Is it really supposed to be cold and raining on a Friday in June??? NO! Today is a BBQ at the boy's school that me and Lillie will be attending. Brrr. Maybe we will be eating in the gym?

Yesterday was the 5th and everyone in this family knows that the 5th is allowance day. Hansen started jockeying for shopping time after taekwondo class the other day, he likes Walmart, Target, and Fred Meyers...he can't decide. Preston's favorite store is the dollar store (unless he has tons of $$$ and then GameStop is at the top of the list), and Lillie likes the toy department at Fred Meyers.

Not only did the kids have their regular allowance, but Carol added a few bucks for each of them as well, and for Maren, who also enjoys the dollar store. I dropped Preston and Maren off at the Dollar store, and took the littles over to Fred Meyer. Lillie chose a collection of three Barbie Mariposa dolls that are very cute, and has a few dollars left over for a future shopping trip. Hansen tried and tried to get me to lend him even more money, but he had like $23.00 to spend (or save, or spend part and save part) because everything he wanted was suddenly $26.00. It is amazing with Hansen, if he has only $5.00, everything he want is suddenly $ get the picture. But true to allowance rules, he only had his money...if he wanted more, he could wait until next allowance. Anyhow, he did a fine job in the end. He purchased a Star Wars action figure and a Nerf Type of crossbow. I think he is actually getting tired of Legos as he looked at them first and switched to the Star Wars action figure. I think Hansen is going through a growth spurt of some kind as he is also getting very tired of taekwondo, I think after this month he will choose to be done. I have told him he can take the summer off and start back in the fall if he wants, but I get the feeling he will decide to play soccer and taekwondo will be a thing of the past. He has a purple belt now and it would be like another year plus of twice a week or three times per week classes before he would earn his Black Belt. However is fine with me. Anyhow, enough rambling, Preston purchased like 5 bags of candy at the dollar store and pocketed the rest of his $$$. Maren bought herself and the kids some fun stuff at the dollar store. I spend all my extra money at Chambers Bay the other day. Next allowance day...July 5th, hmm, maybe we will give out allwoance a few days early so the kids can buy their own fireworks?

Today we have the BBQ at the school, then in the evening Maren will be packing like mad for her 5 days in New Orleans.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

maren won't be cold here!! we are looking forward to seeing her tuesday evening for dinner. love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

Maren is packing away. Sandles, skirts, summer would think she is going on vacation. Boo Hoo for us.