Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit, Rock Band.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Today is a very anticipated day around our house. We have scrimped and saved for this day for a long time. Preston has spent many an hour begging for today, showing us pictures and bargains, and refusing to buy anything else just so he would have enough money to buy. Maren has been practicing her Yoga skills in anticipation for today. These games are not exactly the same thing, but both in the same world of very cool video games. Yes, today is the day Wii Fit comes out and we have a pre-order on the books from months ago. Also, as it turns out, today is the day that UPS should deliver Preston's Rock Band for his PS2. I am not sure what it says about us that the most valuable and anticipated things in our entire house are video games...hmm.

This evening this family will be virtual rocking, while Maren is yogaing or hula hooping or having some kind of virtual fun. We may have to actually stop in time to see the finals of American Idol. Maren is voting for David Cook, Preston is voting for David Archuleta. I am voting for Paula to say more totally stupid stuff and for Seacrest to get fired.

So, will our family look like the rocking family in the picture above, or the peaceful vision of Yoga? My guess is that if I stand in between the living room and the art room, I can turn and see one on one side of me and another on the other. Maybe in a few days I will have pictures of our actual family and not just what the advertisers think our family should look like.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I love David Cook, but don't expect him to win. I hope it's like with Daughtry - he doesn't win but has more freedom to make the album he wants because of it. Archuleta's cute and does a good job, but I doubt I'd buy his CD.

I'm a little jealous of the Wii fit! Rock Band is really cool, but drumming's hard. I can play bass or guitar, and I like to sing but there aren't as many good songs for my voice that I know really well on this as there is on my PS2 karaoke.

You guys will have a great time :)