Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Fit, Rain, Recital Dress.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

We did pick up Wii Fit yesterday. Thanks to a lay over in Portland, Preston's Rock band does not get here until today (Preston will be sprinting home from the bus stop after school). We did have fun with Wii Fit. We set up profiles for each of us. The game uses a generic BMI test, and according to the BMI I am overweight and everyone else in the family is normal (the rest of the family do think I am weird and they are normal, but I don't usually get the overweight thing). But then with the agility test and such that calculate your "wii fit age", my age is 6 years younger than my actual age, while everyone else has wii fit ages that are over their actual age. I guess it is kind of a scam as I have very good balance and figured out how to do the test, while the others had some trouble with the weight shift thing...except in soccer mode where Preston was amazingly well over twice as good as the rest of us. Anyhow, it is very cool. The Wii is hands down the most amazing and versatile gaming system available IMO.

Yesterday I went golfing. I did not think it would rain much as there was supposed to be some showers and some sun. Well, I can tell you the the front 9 was fine, then it got dark. A Squall hit us on hole 11 and 12 that was SO hard you could not see. Then it disappeared so we did not quit. 10 minutes later you could feel the wind change directions and the squall came right back over us. Me and another golfer had enough and walked off the course...I don't know if I have ever walked off the course before thanks to rain, but I should have left the first time as my cell phone got wet in a puddled pocket and now does not work. Ouch. It is drying out in a bag of rice and I hope it will work again in a couple of days...otherwise Maren will probably get a fancy new phone and I will be stuck with a pink phone (please work, please work, please is still not working).

Last night Lillie had her dance class pictures. The class was very cute. Little girls in fancy costumes were bouncing off the walls. Lillie saw all her classmates of course, but also a few neighbors who are in different classes she got to see as well. She had a great time. At home afterwards she gave us some poses. The pictures above are at home, with her recital dress and head gear on...she had already taken off her fancy gloves and shoes.

Today is Lillie's last day of Tue/Thur preschool ever in her entire life. Tomorrow will be her last Friday Class (the Friday class is optional and has a different mix of kids and is treated like a separate class in many ways)

See you tomorrow.

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