Monday, May 19, 2008

Soccer game, smoothies and hot dogs, family walk

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Ah, Monday. This has been a very nice weekend, but I am happy to see the weather get back to cooler. Today should be in the 60s and we will not have much sun.

Yesterday Preston had a soccer game in the morning at Starfire. I had all three kids as the littles enjoy the park at Starfire and Maren had gleaning. At Starfire we ran into the Rudolphs. Dad was asst coaching on the field next to ours for their oldest son and the next younger son Mason and their daughter Lily are about Hansen and Lillie's age so it was nice to see them. I took all four kids to the park to play during the warm up and first half of the soccer games. All four got along splendidly and it made for a nicer morning to have them around. Preston's team played very well. They lost 5 to 3, but they got the first goal and had the best team in the league (who they lost 9 to 0 in the first game) a bit frustrated. Preston played forward the first half of the game and goalie the second half. Preston is equally good at each position. His height makes him almost better at goalie as our regular goalie is a foot shorter than Preston and the opposing team started to just chip the ball over his head. That never happened again once Preston was in goal. And the nice thing was that the regular goalie went up to forward and scored our 3rd goal.

After the game we offered to take Connor home with us to stop for smoothies and lunch. So it was me and the 4 kids (my three and Connor) and we had 4 coupons for smoothies left. Preston, Connor and Lillie got Lemon Lime Sublime and Hansen ordered a Mocha flavored smoothie. From the smoothie store to Fry's electronics. Fry's had $0.50 hot dogs and pop for their anniversary sale. The signs said max 3 orders per customer and the workers are just not the sharpest tools in the shed. I ordered 4 orders for 5 customers and he cashier was telling me how I was ordering too many and she would let me slide by this time. The kids were laughing at her lack of brains as we were able to order like 15 hot dogs if we wanted. She was also talking smack with the other workers who could not pronounce Issaquah and just sounded like total morons. Those Fry's workers were the perfect examples of why one should stay in school. The smoothies pretty much filled up the kids so a hot dog per kid was just fine.

When we got home the house was totally clean as Maren worked her fingers to the bone cleaning away. We also did a ton of yard work this weekend and the place is shaping up quite nicely. Unfortunately it only takes a few minutes of the kids indoors to spill milk on the new carpet (that was Preston) and mess things up again. But the place was clean, trust me.

Hansen was begging all evening to go on a family walk because he wanted to wear his roller skates. He brought out the heavy artillery when saying how I really needed to be doing family walks thanks to my belly. Anyhow, Maren was laughing and we did go walking. Hansen is not really quite up to roller skating on walks standard just yet. The wheel on the skates don't do much actual rolling, he sits down over curbs and scoots on his bum. The funniest thing was that he actually thought he should be able to just roll down the big hill not realizing that his total lack of roller skating talent would been his undoing. The second half of the walk he got to ride on the front wheel part of the jogger stroller that Lillie was enjoying. Maren's favorite part of the walk (not actually her favorite part...more of horror on a couple of levels) was when Hansen tried to get off the stroller, his skates flew out from under him and he landed smack on the tire. He yelled, "Owwww oww ow, I just smashed my nuts!" By the time we got back to the culdesac Hansen was back to skating, Lillie was ready to walk, and Preston was the baby in the stroller.

See you tomorrow.

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