Friday, May 09, 2008

so far healthy, Hansen's airplane.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

And a good morning it is. I did not have to get out of bed last night to clean any puke. Lillie had me scared at around midnight, but it was just a bad dream. I will take bad dream over puke any day of the week.

Hansen and I spend some of yesterday (since he was not in school) making a little kit airplane. It was made from balsa wood, and paper. We have had them in the art supply closet for years and never made them because they require gluing and the instructions made it sound just too detailed for a short sitting. Well, we had the time yesterday and I figured instead of fancy quick drying clear glue, we would just use a glue stick. It worked perfectly. I had Hansen read the instructions and get everything ready while I did some chores, then we built the plane. It turned out very cool. Hansen was going to never fly it because he did not want it to break, but I told him that we could always build another, and the best part of these planes is flying them. He finally decided that flying the plane was the idea (It flies by using a rubber band launcher) and on its fifth or sixth flight it flew way high, between our house and Andrea's house and it was never seen again. We looked for quite a while and never found the plane. We can't tell if it is in our yard, Andrea's yard, over the fence in the back, or stuck in a tree. I think a mouse took the plane and is now on a grand adventure. Later we built a second one and Hansen and Kole had plenty of fun with it.

My fingers are crossed that all the kids wake up healthy.

See you tomorrow.

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