Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rock Band return, Last day Carnival.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday could have gone two ways, sad and frustrating, or happy and fun. Glad report that yesterday was much more happy and fun. The morning started off with an e-mail and phone call to get the Rock Band game sorted out. We had purchased Rock Band through Newegg and they were totally on the ball. Their usual response through e-mail only would have been the standard we ship back the product, then they check it in, then send us a new one. That would have been a 2 to 3 week process. They had a very good customer service person that was able to send out the new Rock Band as soon as I had a Tracking Number from UPS that showed the product was now with UPS. So I packed the Rock Band as good as I could (which was not very good as we had assembled some parts and destroyed most of the packing stuff looking for the missing disc and drumsticks) and printed off the wrong labels and headed over to the Covington Office Depot with the UPS store inside. The UPS guys told me that I had the wrong label, but I was able to use their computer to access my e-mail and print out the correct label. During this time Lillie was able to use their coloring books and markers to draw. Between Newegg and UPS at Office Depot, my ordeal went very smoothly. We should have the new Rock Band on Tuesday or Wednesday...way better than two or three weeks.

Next was off to Lillie's last day of Preschool. The class had their carnival day which I had volunteered to help. My job was to be in charge of the "free play" area where the kids went when done with another actual craft. I had bowling, bean bags, golfing, blocks, frog hop, and a Lego table. The bowling and the bean bags were by far the most popular. Golf and blocks were way down the line, and the blocks and legos went untouched for the most part. Other activities were built a wind sock, fished for goodies, got tattoos, made cupcakes, and made a bottle head filled with different types of sand and stuff. Above is a picture of Lillie and a couple of friends on her last day. Lillie will have a little graduation and performance in a week.

Last night Preston went to Connor's house to spent the night, we had Kole over for movie night (we watched Eragon) and had Pizza Hut pizza and American Idol Ice-cream to celebrate Lillie's last day of preschool.

The sun is out this morning and we will be having a friend of Marens from work over for a BBQ this evening.

See you tomorrow.

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