Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a relaxing day.

Good morning, it is Tuesday...but it feels like a Monday.

Yesterday was a relaxing day around our house. The morning brought Maren to the Value Village for 50% day. She found plenty of great bargains, Lillie was a happy camper. Since the weather was nice Preston and I biked around the neighborhood to look for garage sales, but no good finds were in store for us. Hansen had Kole over for lunch and as the weather was nice, most of the day was spent outside for the kids. Maren did a ton of weeding in our room as our walls/ceilings/flooring project tries to get off the ground again...luckily all the house is done, except our room. In the afternoon Preston had soccer practice and I took the littles up to the sand park and the school park to play. I fired up the fire pit in the evening and the kids each had a friend come over to roast marshmallows. After a couple of marshmallows it was just stirring the fire, which is just as fun for the kids...especially when I leave them alone (I left them and watched from the kitchen window). We had a very nice day.

I took Maren's car out last night to put gas in it for her, over $4- per gallon, ouch. They say in a couple of months it will be up to $5-. We have not really changed our lifestyle with gas so expensive as we don't really do any unnecessary driving and our cars are about as thrifty as you find for their categories. We just groan a little louder and try to save $$$ in other parts of our lives. I figure that is the way it will be for most folks.

Today is back to normal for a school day. Boys have school, Lillie has gymnastics, Hansen will have Taekwondo.

See you tomorrow.

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