Friday, May 16, 2008

Pickle ball, hiccup cure, pool.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was great weather. Nice and warm, maybe 80 degrees. Today is going to get down right hot. Over 90 degrees here in Covington. I believe it because it is already did not look like this until around 11:00 am yesterday.

Last night I played Pickle Ball with some friends from church. The host family lives in a culdesac near Soos Creek elementary close to where I grew up. Their culdesac is a ton like ours with plenty of kids and nice neighbors. Rather than having an island in their culdesac, they painted in a pickle ball court. I played a ton of pickle ball when I went to Green River CC and was actually the intramural pickle ball champion for the second year I was in college (1990). Once I moved up to the U of W, I never played pickle ball again...until last night. I played well, but there were a couple of guys there that were very good. It was fun to play again and it may be a regular Thursday evening thing.

A funny thing happened last night. When Preston was going to bed he had a horrible case of hiccups. Every 40 seconds he would hiccup so loudly that it was funny. He was a few minutes into his hiccup run he was reading in his bed and I snuck up to Hansen's bed and jumped up grabbing Preston and yelling. Scared Preston half out of his mind. He was like "WHAT THE HECK!!!", but a minute later once he calmed down...the hiccups were gone. Preston and Hansen were geeking out that they just thought it was a myth that if you scare someone that the hiccups go away. Maybe it is, but it worked perfectly last night. Preston was just waiting for a hiccup, but one never came. That was fun. Maren thought it may have been a little mean to scare him like that, but it worked, and Preston is still amazed this morning that it worked.

We will have our little wading pool set up again today. The kids use it for violence rather than swimming these days. They try to throw each other into the pool, or try to splash each other and stuff. Gone are the days of happily hanging in the little pool, but they still seem to enjoy themselves...just in a much more violent way. I think Lillie would like to hang in the pool still, we will just have it set up so she can have some pool time before the boys get home from school.

Enjoy the heat wave. See you tomorrow.

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