Sunday, May 04, 2008

Math Olympiad.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

You are probably waiting to hear how Preston did in the Math Olympiad. I am a little embarrassed to tell you as I have bragged enough about him of late for his track skills and such, but out of the approximately 100 kids from different schools, Preston and his three other teammates (teams of four for this competition) won the whole thing! Yup, they came home with the gold medal. Sounds like the entire trip went just perfectly for Preston. Thanks to the coaches, drivers, teammates, and chaperones for providing a great and safe time for all the math Olympiad kids.

Last night we took Preston out to one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate. Billy McHalles in Renton. Dinner was very filling and very yummy. Hansen thinks the Peanut Butter pie we bought him for dessert is just about the best food on the planet. Lillie also loves to watch the train go around overhead. It was a very nice family dinner outing.

Today Preston has a soccer game. Maren has her volunteer gleaning. I will take the kids to Sunday School, then we will skip the main service and head down to Starfire for soccer mania. I will have Hansen and Lillie with me, so I hope it does not rain.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Chuck and I are more impressed with this gold medal than we were of the track accomplishments even... what a talented nephew we have!!! Oh, and Chuck likes Hansen's taste in dessert. Yum. I vaguely remember Billy McHales and the train :)