Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maren's day off, Soccer practice.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

We had a very nice day yesterday. Maren took the day off work as she worked on Saturday so while the boys were at school, the three remaining of us (Maren, Julian, and Lillie) went out to lunch at Ivar's and did some shopping at Value Village. Ivar's was great. We were actually on our way to Burger King after Lillie's gymnastics class and the reader board read free kids meal with an adult meal...so a quick turn later and I was eating a fish basket while Maren and Lillie had Chicken. Yum. Beats Burger King every day! Next was onto Value Village. Yesterday was 99 cents orange tags. Even better than 50 % off day. We found some good shorts (it is supposed to be 85 degrees this weekend!!!) and plenty of other bargains. We dropped about $30.00 for well over $400.00 worth (if buying new at retail) of stuff. It has taken me a few years to get into the whole Value Village thing, but now I can search for orange tags with the best of them.

In the evening I took Preston and Connor to soccer practice in Auburn. Practice is at Cascade Middle School in Auburn. It is right next to a very nice (and huge) park surrounded by a lot of nice duplexes. I walked around the neighborhood and watched the Jr. High kids do amazing tricks on bicycles at the skateboard park. Some of these kids were getting like six feet of air, it was fun to watch for a few minutes. I could not believe how affordable the duplexes are. The nicest ones, which were quite nice (two stories with two bedrooms and a garage) were selling (there were a couple for sale across from the park) for only $219,000...the single floor units a few blocks from the park had to be more like $180,000. These duplexes cracked me up because some were very obviously low income, but others has BMW cars in the parking lots with speed boats in the garage. We are not ever moving, but it surprising how affordable these duplexes were, and in such a seemly nice little area.

Today is a crazy busy day and in the middle of it all, I will be at the dentist getting a couple of 20 year old fillings replaced...FUN!

See you tomorrow.

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